Klondike Solitaire

The card game that we all grew up loving is back! Nothing can be more fun and addictive than the classic Klondike Solitaire! With the simplicity of the game with the right amount of challenge and unpredictability, this game offers a commendable replay value. Just like the classic solitaire card game, the goal is to move all the cards from both deck and tableau piles to the four empty stacks.

The mechanics are easy. The game starts with seven tableau piles with the topmost cards upturned. You draw the cards from the deck and arrange the tableau in alternating colors and in descending order (with King being the highest and Ace card the lowest).

The game is cleared when all cards of the same suit were transferred to the four empty stacks (foundations). Interestingly, this game can be played in two different modes (Draw 1 Card and Draw 3 Cards campaign).


Bubble Shooter Classic was developed by Gameboss

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