Mahjong Puzzles

Mahjong Solitaire

Classic tile-matching puzzle game Mahjong Solitaire. 🀄

  • All games are solvable - our algorithm generates only solvable boards and every game can be won.
  • Play on mobile phone or tablet - our game is built with HTML5 technology and works well on mobile phones and features unique layouts that are optimized for enjoyable mobile experience.
  • Modern and clean looking graphics
  • Full screen mode
  • Relaxing music

We are constantly working on improving the game and adding more features and layouts. Stay tuned!

How to play

The goal of Mahjong is to clear the board by removing tile pairs with identical images. You win the game if you have successfully matched and eliminated every tile from the board.

Tiles are arranged into layers that are stacked upon each other, usually forming a pyramid shape, thus creating a situation where some tiles are blocked by above ones. You can only remove tiles that are "free".

Tile is considered "free" when:

  • there are no tiles above it
  • it can "slide" to the the left or to the right (one or both sides are not blocked by other tiles)

Each tile is engraved with a specific image, and you can only remove tiles with matching images with the exception of Flower and Season tiles, which are considered identical and can be matched with each other. All the Flower tiles can be matched with one another and all the Season tiles can be matched with one another.

By successfully eliminating tiles, you will begin to open more tiles that were once locked.

So what's the catch you might ask? Sounds easy... However, carelessly removing tiles may create a "locked position". This means that all the tiles remaining on the board cannot be matched, and you can't clear the board. Take care not to randomly eliminate tiles and plan your moves ahead.


Our game allows you to use undo, hint and shuffle buttons to ease the play.

The undo button will enable you to backtrack your activity and reverse any move you have made. The hint button shows you an identical pair on the board that can be matched and eliminated. The shuffle button allows you to rearrange the tiles.


There are in total 42 distinct tiles, which are split into 7 groups. In classic layout with 144 tiles each tile appears 4 times, except for Flower and Season tiles which appear only ones.

First there are 3 groups of tiles numbered from 1 to 9. Symbol, bamboo and circle tiles.

3 groups of Mahjong tiles. First row - 9 symbol tiles, second row - 9 bamboo tiles and third row - 9 circle tiles.

Next comes the group of 4 wind tiles.

Group of 4 Wind Mahjong tiles

There are only 3 dragon tiles!

Group of 3 Dragon Mahjong tiles

And finally, special flower and season tiles. Each of these tiles appears only once in a game.

Group of 4 Flower Mahjong tilesGroup of 4 Season Mahjong tiles

Mahjong Strategies and Tips

  1. Asses and view the board carefully. Don't rush into mindlessly removing open tiles, as this might lead to "locked position".
  2. Focus on removing pairs that will unlock the most number of tiles. Leave pairs that don't unlock any tiles for later, as they might come useful in the future.
  3. If you can find all tiles in the series at the start of the game, eliminate them as quickly as possible.
  4. If you have multiple tiles stacked on each other, it would be wise to eliminate the biggest of the stack first.

Have fun!