Spider Solitaire Blue

Spider Solitaire Blue is a solitaire type card game, that stands out from other solitaire games in terms of uniqueness and complexity. Spider solitaire will bring you to the classic addictive card game with an interesting twist. Unlike the original solitaire card game, this version uses 2 decks (filled with cards of either single or four suits depending on the campaign you choose).


The first 54 cards are dealt on the tableau while the remaining 50 will serve as your stock and can be dealt 10 at a time. Your job is to arrange all the cards on the tableau piles by suits and by proper order. The cards should be arranged in descending sequence (King to Ace) until you completed all eight piles.

Tips & Strategies

  • Using undo button is not cheating and is considered a part of gameplay. So feel free to use it but keep in mind it will cost you 1 point.
  • You can undo stockpile with undo button.
  • Keep your columns clean and ordered. You can keep one or two columns for "junk" cards.
  • Try to clear the column as early as possible.
  • Before you deal with new cards, always check that you have made all possible moves.


  • There is a timer to see how well you perform.
  • 3 different modes - 1 suit, 2 suits, and 4 suits(the hardest).
  • Infinite undo option. Don't worry to mess up, experiment!
  • Available on mobile.


Web - desktop and mobile(phones and tablets).


Spider Solitaire Blue was developed by Gameboss.

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